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Ultraman Helps Promote the TOEIC Exam


Ultraman Helps Promote the TOEIC Exam


Ultraman suits up to help the International Association of Business Communicators promote the TOEIC exam. 

TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication which features “test questions based on real-life work settings in an international environment.” In 2013, 14,700 people took the exam.

The team-up with Ultraman includes a 30-second commercial with Ultraman dressed in a suit with a narration for the TOEIC SW (speaking and writing) and the TOEIC LR (listening and reading).

The video will be aired in various train stations in Tokyo and will be an advertising video played before YouTube videos. Along with the video, posters will also be distributed in train stations with scheduled postings varying station to station.


For those interested in learning English in a business setting, video lessons are included with Ultraman talking with various Ultraman characters. Lesson 1 is now available for viewing.

Each lesson will be released with topics relating back to doing business. More lessons will be coming soon.

Ultraman will be appearing in more promotions and advertisements in the future.

Source:, Ultraman TOEIC site, TOEIC official site


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