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Next Time on Kamen Rider Drive: Episode 4

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Next Time on Kamen Rider Drive: Episode 4

drive4aShinnosuke tries to save the victims of the Paint Roidmude in Episode 4 of Kamen Rider DriveWhat the Proud Chaser Thinks.

Episode 2: What the Proud Chaser Thinks
Written by: Riku Sanjo
Directed by: Takayuki Shibasaki

After Shinnosuke flees from Machine Chaser’s attack, he confirms that the painter, Asaya, is actually the Paint Roidmude. He sets out to try to save the women who were transformed into data and drawn on canvases.

However, Asaya has already hidden all the paintings somewhere. During Otta’s interrogation, Asaya evades the questioning with a smile, attempting to provoke Shinnosuke.


Where are Asaya’s paintings? Frustrated with Shinnosuke, Rinna discovers the secrets hidden within Asaya’s paintings. What could that secret be?

Source: TV-Asahi, Toei (Image)


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Re-introduced to the world of tokusatsu in 2013 and since then, it's all I can watch.




    October 20, 2014 at 12:40 am

    Roimude. They’re called Roidmudes, even the Toei site have a Roidmude List every week.

    • Venessa Weyer

      October 20, 2014 at 4:06 am

      Thanks for pointing out the typo, it’s all fixed. We do know it’s roidmude; it was just a mistake on my part. Thanks again

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