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Complete Selection Modification Rider Card List


Complete Selection Modification Rider Card List

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Premium Bandai has announced the card contents of both the Complete Selection Modification DecaDriver, as well as the Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set.


Bandai has massively updated their product pages for the Complete Selection Modification DecaDriver as well as the Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set. Besides a short video featuring Masahiro Inoue (Tsukasa Kadoya, Kamen Rider Decade) and Mark Okita (Voice of the DecaDriver), Bandai has also created a Rider Card List Page! This page features images and data for the 30 cards that are included with the DecaDriver, the 77 cards include with the Rider Card Set, as well as three bonus cards for those who pre-order both items.

We have compiled a translated list of all 110 Rider Cards that are currently slated to be released between the two items. They have been separated by which item they come with, as well as which type of card they are. Included is the card name, and the sound that is activated when inserted into the Complete Selection DecaDriver.

Cards Included in the Complete Selection
Modification DecaDriver
Card TypeCard NameSound
Activated in DecaDriver
KamenRideDecadeKamenRide! Decade!
KamenRideKuugaKamenRide! Kuuga!
KamenRideAgitoKamenRide! Agito!
KamenRideRyukiKamenRide! Ryuki!
KamenRideFaizKamenRide! Faiz!
KamenRideBladeKamenRide! Blade!
KamenRideHibikiKamenRide! Hibiki!
KamenRideKabutoKamenRide! Kabuto!
KamenRideDen-OKamenRide! Den-O!
KamenRideKivaKamenRide! Kiva!
AttackRideIllusionAttackRide! Illusion!
AttackRideSlashAttackRide! Slash!
AttackRideBlastAttackRide! Blast!
AttackRideInvisibleAttackRide! Invisible!
AttackRideStrike VentAttackRide! Strike Vent!
AttackRideAuto VajinAttackRide! Auto Vajin!
AttackRideOngekibou RekkaAttackRide! Ongekibou Rekka!
AttackRideClock UpAttackRide! Clock Up!
AttackRideOre SanjouAttackRide! Ore Sanjou!
FinalAttackRideDecadeFinalAttackRide! De-De-De-Decade!
FinalFormRideKuuga GouramFinalFormRide! Ku-Ku-Ku-Kuuga!
FinalFormRideAgito TornadorFinalFormRide! A-A-A-Agito!
FinalFormRideRyuki DragrederFinalFormRide! Ryu-Ryu-Ryu-Ryuki
FinalFormRideFaiz BlasterFinalFormRide! Fa-Fa-Fa-Faiz!
FinalFormRideBlade BladeFinalFormRide! B-B-B-Blade!
FinalFormRideHibiki OngekikoFinalFormRide! Hi-Hi-Hi-Hibiki!
FinalFormRideZecter KabutoFinalFormRide! Ka-Ka-Ka-Kabuto!
FinalFormRideMomotarosFinalFormRide! De-De-De-Den-O!
FinalFormRideKiva ArrowFinalFormRide! Ki-Ki-Ki-Kiva!
FinalFormRideAll RiderFinalFormRide! All

Cards Included in
the Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set
Card TypeCard NameSound
Activated in DecaDriver
KamenRideDecade Complete FormKamenRide! Decade! Complete!
KamenRideKuuga Ultimate FormKamenRide! Kuuga! Ultimate!
KamenRideAgito Shining FormKamenRide! Agito! Shining!
KamenRideRyuki SurviveKamenRide! Ryuki! Survive!
KamenRideFaiz Blaster FormKamenRide! Faiz! Blaster!
KamenRideBlade King FormKamenRide! Blade! King!
KamenRideArmed HibikiKamenRide! Hibiki! Armed!
KamenRideKabuto Hyper FormKamenRide! Kabuto! Hyper!
KamenRideDen-O Liner FormKamenRide! Den-O! Liner!
KamenRideKiva Emperor FormKamenRide! Kiva! Emperor!
KamenRideKuuga Rising Ultimate FormKamenRide! Kuuga! Rising
KamenRideDen-O Chou Climax FormKamenRide! Den-O! Chou Climax!
KamenRide1KamenRide! Ichigo!
KamenRide2KamenRide! Nigo!
KamenRideV3KamenRide! V3!
KamenRideRidermanKamenRide! Riderman!
KamenRideXKamenRide! X!
KamenRideAmazonKamenRide! Amazon!
KamenRideStrongerKamenRide! Stronger!
KamenRideSky RiderKamenRide! Sky Rider!
KamenRideSuper 1KamenRide! Super 1!
KamenRideZXKamenRide! ZX!
KamenRideBlackKamenRide! Black!
KamenRideBlack RXKamenRide! Black RX!
KamenRideShinKamenRide! Shin!
KamenRideZOKamenRide! ZO!
KamenRideJKamenRide! J!
KamenRideSkullKamenRide! Skull!
KamenRide(Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideKuuga (Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideAgito (Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideRyuki (Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideFaiz (Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideBlade (Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideHibiki (Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideKabuto (Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideDen-O (Blank)Error Sound
KamenRideKiva (Blank)Error Sound
AttackRideGigantAttackRide! Gigant!
AttackRideAdventAttackRide! Advent!
AttackRideSide BassharAttackRide! Side Basshar!
AttackRideMachAttackRide! Mach!
AttackRideMetalAttackRide! Metal!
AttackRideOnibiAttackRide! Onibi!
AttackRideBokuni Tsurarete Miru?AttackRide! Bokuni Tsurarete
AttackRideKotaewa Kiite NaiAttackRide! Kotaewa Kiite Nai!
AttackRideNakerudeAttackRide! Nakerude!
AttackRideTsuppariAttackRide! Tsuppari!
AttackRideUtchariAttackRide! Utchari!
AttackRideGaga No UdewaAttackRide! Gaga No Udewa!
FinalAttackRideKuugaFinalAttackRide! Ku-Ku-Ku-Kuuga!
FinalAttackRideAgitoFinalAttackRide! A-A-A-Agito!
FinalAttackRideFaizFinalAttackRide! Fa-Fa-Fa-Faiz!
FinalAttackRideBladeFinalAttackRide! B-B-B-Blade!
FinalAttackRideHibikiFinalAttackRide! Hi-Hi-Hi-Hibiki!
FinalAttackRideKabutoFinalAttackRide! Ka-Ka-Ka-Kabuto!
FinalAttackRideDen-OFinalAttackRide! De-De-De-Den-O!
FinalAttackRideKivaFinalAttackRide! Ki-Ki-Ki-Kiva!
FinalAttackRideAmazonFinalAttackRide! A-A-A-Amazon!
FormRideKuuga Titan FormFormRide! Kuuga! Titan!
FormRideKuuga Dragon FormFormRide! Kuuga! Dragon!
FormRideKuuga Pegasus FormFormRide! Kuuga! Pegasus!
FormRideAgito Storm FormFormRide! Agito! Storm!
FormRideAgito Flame FormFormRide! Agito! Flame!
FormRideFaiz Axel FormFormRide! Faiz! Axel!
FormRideDen-O Rod FormFormRide! Den-O! Rod!
FormRideDen-O Gun FormFormRide! Den-O! Gun!
FormRideDen-O Axe FormFormRide! Den-O! Axe!
FormRideDen-O Wing FormFormRide! Den-O! Wing!
FormRideKiva Garulu FormFormRide! Kiva! Garulu!
FormRideKiva Dogga FormFormRide! Kiva! Dogga!
FormRideKiva Basshar FormFormRide! Kiva! Basshar!
FinalFormRideDenlinerFinalFormRide! De-De-De-Den-O!
FinalFormRideKamen Rider WFinalFormRide! Do-Do-Do-Double!
FinalFormRideDecaderiverFinalFormRide! De-De-De-Decade!

Cards Included
with Pre-Order of Both Items
Card TypeCard NameSound
Activated in DecaDriver
KamenRideDiendFinalAttackRide! Di-Di-Di-Diend!
KaijinRideEagle UndeadError Sound
KaijinRideMoose FangireError Sound

Source: Premium Bandai (Card List)

All English translations are accredited to The Tokusatsu Network staff members. Please do not repost without crediting and directly linking back to the original Tokusatsu Network article.

YouTube Toy Review, Co-Host of The RRR Podcast, and resident Tokusatsu toy nerd at The Tokusatsu Network. I write, I review, and I certainly talk a lot when given the opportunity.

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