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Complete Selection Modification Rider Card List


Complete Selection Modification Rider Card List


Premium Bandai has announced the card contents of both the Complete Selection Modification DecaDriver, as well as the Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set.


Bandai has massively updated their product pages for the Complete Selection Modification DecaDriver as well as the Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set. Besides a short video featuring Masahiro Inoue (Tsukasa Kadoya, Kamen Rider Decade) and Mark Okita (Voice of the DecaDriver), Bandai has also created a Rider Card List Page! This page features images and data for the 30 cards that are included with the DecaDriver, the 77 cards include with the Rider Card Set, as well as three bonus cards for those who pre-order both items.

We have compiled a translated list of all 110 Rider Cards that are currently slated to be released between the two items. They have been separated by which item they come with, as well as which type of card they are. Included is the card name, and the sound that is activated when inserted into the Complete Selection DecaDriver.

Cards Included in the Complete Selection
Modification DecaDriver
Card Type Card Name Sound
Activated in DecaDriver
KamenRide Decade KamenRide! Decade!
KamenRide Kuuga KamenRide! Kuuga!
KamenRide Agito KamenRide! Agito!
KamenRide Ryuki KamenRide! Ryuki!
KamenRide Faiz KamenRide! Faiz!
KamenRide Blade KamenRide! Blade!
KamenRide Hibiki KamenRide! Hibiki!
KamenRide Kabuto KamenRide! Kabuto!
KamenRide Den-O KamenRide! Den-O!
KamenRide Kiva KamenRide! Kiva!
AttackRide Illusion AttackRide! Illusion!
AttackRide Slash AttackRide! Slash!
AttackRide Blast AttackRide! Blast!
AttackRide Invisible AttackRide! Invisible!
AttackRide Strike Vent AttackRide! Strike Vent!
AttackRide Auto Vajin AttackRide! Auto Vajin!
AttackRide Ongekibou Rekka AttackRide! Ongekibou Rekka!
AttackRide Clock Up AttackRide! Clock Up!
AttackRide Ore Sanjou AttackRide! Ore Sanjou!
FinalAttackRide Decade FinalAttackRide! De-De-De-Decade!
FinalFormRide Kuuga Gouram FinalFormRide! Ku-Ku-Ku-Kuuga!
FinalFormRide Agito Tornador FinalFormRide! A-A-A-Agito!
FinalFormRide Ryuki Dragreder FinalFormRide! Ryu-Ryu-Ryu-Ryuki
FinalFormRide Faiz Blaster FinalFormRide! Fa-Fa-Fa-Faiz!
FinalFormRide Blade Blade FinalFormRide! B-B-B-Blade!
FinalFormRide Hibiki Ongekiko FinalFormRide! Hi-Hi-Hi-Hibiki!
FinalFormRide Zecter Kabuto FinalFormRide! Ka-Ka-Ka-Kabuto!
FinalFormRide Momotaros FinalFormRide! De-De-De-Den-O!
FinalFormRide Kiva Arrow FinalFormRide! Ki-Ki-Ki-Kiva!
FinalFormRide All Rider FinalFormRide! All

Cards Included in
the Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set
Card Type Card Name Sound
Activated in DecaDriver
KamenRide Decade Complete Form KamenRide! Decade! Complete!
KamenRide Kuuga Ultimate Form KamenRide! Kuuga! Ultimate!
KamenRide Agito Shining Form KamenRide! Agito! Shining!
KamenRide Ryuki Survive KamenRide! Ryuki! Survive!
KamenRide Faiz Blaster Form KamenRide! Faiz! Blaster!
KamenRide Blade King Form KamenRide! Blade! King!
KamenRide Armed Hibiki KamenRide! Hibiki! Armed!
KamenRide Kabuto Hyper Form KamenRide! Kabuto! Hyper!
KamenRide Den-O Liner Form KamenRide! Den-O! Liner!
KamenRide Kiva Emperor Form KamenRide! Kiva! Emperor!
KamenRide Kuuga Rising Ultimate Form KamenRide! Kuuga! Rising
KamenRide Den-O Chou Climax Form KamenRide! Den-O! Chou Climax!
KamenRide 1 KamenRide! Ichigo!
KamenRide 2 KamenRide! Nigo!
KamenRide V3 KamenRide! V3!
KamenRide Riderman KamenRide! Riderman!
KamenRide X KamenRide! X!
KamenRide Amazon KamenRide! Amazon!
KamenRide Stronger KamenRide! Stronger!
KamenRide Sky Rider KamenRide! Sky Rider!
KamenRide Super 1 KamenRide! Super 1!
KamenRide ZX KamenRide! ZX!
KamenRide Black KamenRide! Black!
KamenRide Black RX KamenRide! Black RX!
KamenRide Shin KamenRide! Shin!
KamenRide ZO KamenRide! ZO!
KamenRide J KamenRide! J!
KamenRide Skull KamenRide! Skull!
KamenRide (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Kuuga (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Agito (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Ryuki (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Faiz (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Blade (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Hibiki (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Kabuto (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Den-O (Blank) Error Sound
KamenRide Kiva (Blank) Error Sound
AttackRide Gigant AttackRide! Gigant!
AttackRide Advent AttackRide! Advent!
AttackRide Side Basshar AttackRide! Side Basshar!
AttackRide Mach AttackRide! Mach!
AttackRide Metal AttackRide! Metal!
AttackRide Onibi AttackRide! Onibi!
AttackRide Bokuni Tsurarete Miru? AttackRide! Bokuni Tsurarete
AttackRide Kotaewa Kiite Nai AttackRide! Kotaewa Kiite Nai!
AttackRide Nakerude AttackRide! Nakerude!
AttackRide Tsuppari AttackRide! Tsuppari!
AttackRide Utchari AttackRide! Utchari!
AttackRide Gaga No Udewa AttackRide! Gaga No Udewa!
FinalAttackRide Kuuga FinalAttackRide! Ku-Ku-Ku-Kuuga!
FinalAttackRide Agito FinalAttackRide! A-A-A-Agito!
FinalAttackRide Ryuki FinalAttackRide!
FinalAttackRide Faiz FinalAttackRide! Fa-Fa-Fa-Faiz!
FinalAttackRide Blade FinalAttackRide! B-B-B-Blade!
FinalAttackRide Hibiki FinalAttackRide! Hi-Hi-Hi-Hibiki!
FinalAttackRide Kabuto FinalAttackRide! Ka-Ka-Ka-Kabuto!
FinalAttackRide Den-O FinalAttackRide! De-De-De-Den-O!
FinalAttackRide Kiva FinalAttackRide! Ki-Ki-Ki-Kiva!
FinalAttackRide Amazon FinalAttackRide! A-A-A-Amazon!
FormRide Kuuga Titan Form FormRide! Kuuga! Titan!
FormRide Kuuga Dragon Form FormRide! Kuuga! Dragon!
FormRide Kuuga Pegasus Form FormRide! Kuuga! Pegasus!
FormRide Agito Storm Form FormRide! Agito! Storm!
FormRide Agito Flame Form FormRide! Agito! Flame!
FormRide Faiz Axel Form FormRide! Faiz! Axel!
FormRide Den-O Rod Form FormRide! Den-O! Rod!
FormRide Den-O Gun Form FormRide! Den-O! Gun!
FormRide Den-O Axe Form FormRide! Den-O! Axe!
FormRide Den-O Wing Form FormRide! Den-O! Wing!
FormRide Kiva Garulu Form FormRide! Kiva! Garulu!
FormRide Kiva Dogga Form FormRide! Kiva! Dogga!
FormRide Kiva Basshar Form FormRide! Kiva! Basshar!
FinalFormRide Denliner FinalFormRide! De-De-De-Den-O!
FinalFormRide Kamen Rider W FinalFormRide! Do-Do-Do-Double!
FinalFormRide Decaderiver FinalFormRide! De-De-De-Decade!
FinalKamenAttackFormRide Decade FinalKamenAttackFormRide!

Cards Included
with Pre-Order of Both Items
Card Type Card Name Sound
Activated in DecaDriver
KamenRide Diend FinalAttackRide! Di-Di-Di-Diend!
KaijinRide Eagle Undead Error Sound
KaijinRide Moose Fangire Error Sound

Source: Premium Bandai (Card List)

All English translations are accredited to The Tokusatsu Network staff members. Please do not repost without crediting and directly linking back to the original Tokusatsu Network article.

YouTube Toy Review, Co-Host of The RRR Podcast, and resident Tokusatsu toy nerd at The Tokusatsu Network. I write, I review, and I certainly talk a lot when given the opportunity.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. zeromaster

    October 26, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Does anyone know if the cards will fit in the DX DecaDriver? or have the sizes changed?

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