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Ultraman Tiga Complete Blu-Ray Box Released


Ultraman Tiga Complete Blu-Ray Box Released


The Blu-Ray box for the 1996 series Ultraman Tiga has been released and with it, a more detailed description of the contents of the set.

The complete Blu-Ray box set for the popular Ultraman series was released on September 24th. Ultraman Tiga was broadcast as part of the Ultra Series’ 30th Anniversary in 1996. The show starred Hiroshi Nagano from legendary boy-band V6 (who also did the series’ iconic theme song, “Take Me Higher”) as Agent Daigo of the Global Unlimited Task Squad or “GUTS.” When monsters begin to roam the Earth, Daigo gains the ability to turn into the titular Tiga, an ancient “giant of light” who can save the world.

The 10-disc set will contain all 52 remastered television episodes, the film Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey, and the straight-to-video Tiga side-story movie, Revival of the Ancient Giant. The official M-78 site has released a detailed list of special features that will be included in the box set.

New Features
-GUTS Mecha Chronicle (14 min) – Newly filmed in 4K. The resolution will be 1920 x 1080.
-Making of the last 3 episodes “Those who shine” (23 min) – A special from the point of view of the staff in the last 3 episodes of Ultraman Tiga.

TV Series Memorial Box Features
-A New Beginning “Those who shine”
-Special Talk (Tamio Kawaji (Director Sawai) x Hirochika Muraishi (Director) x Shigeki Kagemaru (Member Shinjo))
-Ultraman Tiga Encyclopaedia
-Ultraman Tiga Super Video (Old special features)

Theatrical Release and OV Memorial Box Features
-Making of the theatrical movie
-Adverts and TV spots
-OV Making of (complete and regular versions)
-The Worries of Charija

-24 page all color booklet – Includes information and staff interviews.

-Newly shot special box
-Newly shot inner cover

The Ultraman Tiga Complete Blu-Ray BOX set is available now for ¥ 45,000 yen (tax).

Source: Tsuburaya Productions Official Website

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