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Figure-Oh’s Newest Tamashii Reveals


Figure-Oh’s Newest Tamashii Reveals


This month’s Figure-Oh has hit news stands across Japan. Inside: the latest reveals from Tamashii Nations due out in early 2015.

January’s first surprising release is S.H.Figuarts Shadowmoon from Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX. Fans of S.H.Figuarts know that Shadowmoon was released back in 2011. This release is an all-new version of the character, redesigned and re-engineered to fit the proportions and style of the recently released Black, Black RX, Roborider, and Biorider. The new Shadowmoon will release in January 2015 for ¥4,536.


Long time G Gundam fans will know that the wait for S.H.Figuarts Master Asia has been long. Having been shown off several years ago, his figure is finally complete and ready for release in January 2015 for ¥4,536. For fans who collect Robot Damashii figures as well, Master Asia’s Gundam, appropriately called Master Gundam, will release at the same time for ¥5,184. S.H.Figuarts Master Asia includes an alternate head for Robot Damashii Master Gundam to give the robot his face. This marks the first time a figure has included a part for another toy from a completely different toy line.


Last month, we took a look at the prototype images of Kinnikuman and Warsman due out in the S.H.Figuarts line. This month, Figure-Oh has not only shown off colored prototypes, but release dates as well. Both Kinnikuman and Warsman are due out in January 2015 for ¥4,860 each. Each figure is shown to include alternate faces, like most of the S.H.Figuarts animation characters released thus far.


Due out for retail release in February 2015 is the Hurricane. This bike belongs to Kamen Rider V3 and will cost ¥4,860 upon release. Also shown off here is a new look at S.H.Figuarts Black Beet from Juukou B-Fighter. Black Beet will release in March 2015 via the Tamashii Web Shop for ¥5,184. Pre-orders for Black Beet are already up on Premium Bandai’s site.


Continuing the releases for February, the S.H.Figuarts line takes a new collection under its wing: Love Live. The first release is the main character from the series, Honoka Kousaka. The figure will be released for ¥4,860 and includes an opaque Tamashii Stage. Also shown are two new entries into the Tamashii EFFECT line. Collectors can now decorate their displays with explosion effects, colored in both gray and red. The effects are sold in packs of three explosions and can be hooked together to create one large explosion, or split apart into three separate blasts.


Finally, the issue wraps up with a look at the next Tamashii Web Shop Ultra-Act release. Due out in March 2015 for ¥9,720 exclusively on Premium Bandai is the Ace Robot & Golgatha Star Set. This set features both Ultra-Act Ace Robot as well as five crosses to emulate the scene from Ultraman Ace. Like S.H.Figuarts Black Beet, pre-orders for the set are now active on Premium Bandai’s site.

Source: Tag Hobby, Figure-Oh Issue 200

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