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Next Time on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 44


Next Time on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 44


The shocking twists continue next time on Kamen Rider Gaim.

Episode 44: The Future the Two Aimed For
Written by: Gen Urobuchi and Jin Haganeya
Directed by: Osamu Kaneda
Action directed by: Hirofumi Ishigaki and Michihiro Takeda

Accepting the power of the Golden Fruit, Mai tried to change the cruel future that awaited Kota and the others. However, she ended up stranded in time, unable to do anything. She then arrives in a world in which the Armored riders battle. What did she see there?


Kaito, after having defeated Ryoma, is informed by Sagara that Mai has become the “Woman of the Beginning” and that she has stumbled upon a parallel world. In order to retrieve Mai, someone needs to receive the Golden Fruit. Kaito makes a decision after hearing Sagara’s explanation. With his newfound Overlord powers, he gathers an Inves army and declares his intention of rebuilding the world. Yoko decides to stand on his side. Bravo and Gridon confront him, but Zack is hesitant at the sudden turn of events.

Meanwhile, the badly wounded Kota is rescued by Chucky and Peko, who take him to the garage. There, he has a strange dream while still unconscious, where Mai, as the Woman of the Beginning, appears and then…

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Source: Toei, TV Asahi

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