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New Ganbarizing Cards Feature Gaim Rider Legend Arms


New Ganbarizing Cards Feature Gaim Rider Legend Arms


Ganbarizing, the Kamen Rider card based-arcade in Japan game centres, has announced the sixth set of new card decks featuring the main Kamen Rider Gaim cast using previous Riders in Arms form.

The game, aimed towards young children, requires three cards to play, which ranges from the current series Kamen Riders to the original Showa Riders. The opposition consists of three other randomly selected Riders, which the player must fight using timed gameplay mechanics and pushing the cards along a simple touchpad. Flip the card with enough energy charged and the character will go into “Burst Mode” that will change their stance or make them transform into different, more powerful form. With each try on the game, the player receives a card. Ganbarizing differs from the previous game, Ganbaride, where the player can customize a game-only Rider that can equip parts and weapons from other characters upon successfully completing a level.


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The list of cards include the following:

Gaim Ryuki Arms
Baron Den-O Arms
Ryugen Faiz Arms
Zangetsu Kabuto Arms
Gridon Double Arms
Kurokage Blade Arms
Bravo Hibiki Arms
Zangetsu Shin Agito Arms
Duke Wizard Arms
Siguard Kiva Arms
Malika Fourze Arms
Knuckle Kuuga Arms

The top left of the card lists the year of the respective shows airing and bottom states “Legend Rider” in both Kanji (伝説) and katakana English. Previous Rider Arms cards were based off the Arms used in the movies.


You can take a closer look at the cards and Riders in action in-game on the official website

Source: Ganbarizing Twitter

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