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Kamen Rider Black Blu-ray Boxes to be Released


Kamen Rider Black Blu-ray Boxes to be Released


Toei is set to release the 1987 television series Kamen Rider Black on Blu-ray starting this December. 

Broadcast from 1987-1988, Kamen Rider Black was a revival for the Rider series after a brief lapse which followed the conclusion of Kamen Rider Super-1. It has since become regarded as one of the most popular shows of the franchise.

Being the fourth major Kamen Rider Blu-ray release after Toei’s Double, Faiz, and Ryuki sets, Black will likewise be spread across multiple box sets. The episodes come from a brand-new HD remaster which was shown on Toei Channel early last year. Box 1 contains episodes 1-17, Box 2 will have episodes 18-34, and Box 3 will finish off the series with episodes 35-51.

The Kamen Rider Black Blu-ray Boxes will also come with a few bonus features. These include the documentary episode, “That’s Kamen Rider Black!”, the rare Toei TV Hero Encyclopedia special, and brand-new talk sessions commemorating the release. Unfortunately, the sets will not include the Toei Manga Matsuri films “Hurry to Onigashima” and “Terrifying! The Phantom House On Devil Pass” as they are already available in the Kamen Rider THE MOVIE: 1972-1988 Blu-ray collection.

Set 1 of the Kamen Rider Black Blu-ray Boxes will be released in Japan on December 5th of this year, with Set 2 coming out on February 13th, 2015, and Set 3 on April 10th. Each set will cost 23,760 yen.

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