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Next Week on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 31

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Next Week on Kamen Rider Gaim: Episode 31

Gaim ep31a

Takatora gets closer to finding an alternate solution in Episode 31 of Kamen Rider GaimThe Whereabouts of the Forbidden Fruit.

Episode 31: The Whereabouts of the Forbidden Fruit
Writer: Gen Urobuchi
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

If one can obtain the Fruit of Wisdom, it is possible to control the Helheim Forest vegetation. Takatora sees hope in what Roshuo, the Overlord King, has told him since this can be another way to protect the Earth. However, the Overlord also said that humanity will not be able to grasp the Fruit of Wisdom.


Gaim ep31b

Then, Sagara appears and reveals an unlikely truth along with Roshuo’s real objective.

Deemushu, having entered Zawame City through a crack, has gone on a destruction rampage. Kōta, already fed up and furious, transforms into Gaim Kachidoki Arms.

Meanwhile, Mitsuzane and Sid encounter Overlord Redyue in the Helheim Forest. For some reason, he reveals the location of the Fruit of Wisdom and the two follow him.

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Sources: TV Asahi, Toei

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