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Gaim Mail Magazine: Zawame City’s Locksmith Channel #19


Gaim Mail Magazine: Zawame City’s Locksmith Channel #19


Along with the ToQger newsletter published by TV-Asahi, fans can also receive newsletters about all things Gaim related. In this week’s Zawame City’s Locksmith Channel, Ryou Matsuda, who plays Jounouch/Armored Rider Gridon, talks about his character’s involvement in last week’s episode as well as giving hints to next week’s episode.

Mail Magazine! On Stage! Today’s Valentine’s day. Anything good happen? You know, we don’t really have time to celebrate in Zawame City. Especially with the new Rider Malika. Not only that, Mitsuzane is working for Yggdrasill. What are we supposed to do now?

I’m sure you saw it, but wasn’t Mitsuzane’s plan on using Ouren pretty good? Although it failed in the end when he started acting on his own. The absolute worst part was Jounouichi getting hit in the head by that tub. I felt so sorry for him. Anyways, this week’s mail is brought to you by Ryou Matsuda, the guy that plays Jounouchi!

■01■ This week on Zawame City’s Player’s Voice.

Hello everyone.
I’m Ryou Matsuda and I play Hideyasu Jounouchi/Kamen Rider Gridon. It’s been a while! (laughs) Hideyasu is learning a lot at Ouren’s bakery! If you’re wondering why I’m using the name Hideyasu, you can see that in the end of this message. (laughs)

Anyways, I’m working my hardest. I thought I’d finally get to transform again, but all I got was a tub to the head. (laughs) It’s okay since it was for the sake of the plot. I really respect Metal Yoshida (Kamen Rider Bravo) as a brother figure. He’s been teaching me a lot on the set. Every day as Hideyasu has been so much fun.

He might not be your usual Rider, but I really think everyone can learn something from him. Even if he’s slightly odd, I hope you’ll enjoy watching Jounouchi as Gridon.

Next week is also gonna have a new Rider and Hideyasu will be dancing. (laughs) Don’t miss it!

Oh, why I prefer using Hideyasu is because writing the kanji for Jounouchi is annoying. (laughs)

■02■ Episode 18’s highlights – Farewell Beat Riders.
Airs 8:00 AM, February 16th.
Mai tries to gather all the other dance teams to hold a United Dance Event, in order to prove that the Beat Riders have nothing to do with the Inves attacks. However, the other teams refuse to dance with Team Baron after everything they’ve done. Kouta and Mai try to reason with Team Baron, but Kaito refuses. Mai gets angry and explains that dancing is also a way of showing strength, at the same time Kaito’s words angers Kouta as well.

Ouren hears about the United Dance Event and decides to crash the whole thing with Jounouchi. Kaito, on the other hand, leaves to fight Yggdrasill. Kouta understands how Kaito feels, but wants the event to succeed at the same time. 

■03■ This week’s PR from Zawame City’s New Life, New Generation.
Don’t forget that you can pre-order tickets for Heisei Rider VS Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Wars feat. Super Sentai! It’s premiering March 29th.

Make sure to check out Gaku Sano’s vlog on Gaku Sano’s Today. In the 18th vlog, he has two guests with him! Since you can’t watch old vlogs, make sure you don’t miss this one on TV-Asahi’s site!

■04■ Next week’s Zawame City’s Locksmith Channel.
It’s true that Jounouchi is hard to write. He’s an awful guy, but I can’t bring myself to hate him. Maybe it’s because he has to put up with everything from Ouren. I hope you guys will cheer for him anyway. He’s gonna have his first dance scene, so don’t miss that! He’s just trying his hardest as a Beat Rider.

Anyways, next week’s Player’s Voice will be hosted by Team Baron’s Zack’s actor, Gaku Matsuda. He’s got a sharp tongue, so look forward to next week’s mail.

With that said, I’ll see you in the streets of Zawame City.

Source: TV-Asahi’s Mail Magazine

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