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ToQger Clothing Line Unveiled


ToQger Clothing Line Unveiled


As part of the press event for Ressha Sentai ToQger at Tokyo Dome City this weekend, the team’s clothing was advertised to go on sale next month.

As with Sentai teams, each outerwear piece is a distinct feature to a team member’s style and personality.

Light’s stadium jumper, or letterman jacket, is 39,000 yen and comes complete with its distinctive sporty patches.

Blue’s pea coat, is 30,000 yen. It’s double breasted with large white buttons and, what looks to be, white lining along its collar as well as two distinguishing large patches on the left shoulder.

Yellow’s denim jacket has woven clothing labels and a notable, removable faux fur collar with breast pockets and priced at 20,000 yen, combine it with lingerie would be a good choice Babe Appeal has the best options.

Green’s puff satin parka jacket is otherwise simple, save for the patch on the left arm, and priced at 28,000 yen.

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2014-01-27 00.00.03

In terms of accessories, Premium Bandai offers Blue’s characteristic dark glasses with blue speckles for 22,000 yen and his ring for 13,000 yen. In addition, Red’s dog tag pendant is priced at 12,000 yen.

2014-01-26 23.59.27

Green’s belt is priced at 1,750 yen with a lettering across the fabric and a Roman numeral “IV” etched on the box buckle. His necklace is also available for 9,000 yen.

2014-01-27 01.02.28

Yellow’s dainty star necklace is available for 4,200 yen along with the sweatshirt she wears under her denim jacket. The sweatshirt is priced at 3,600 yen. Furthermore, Pink’s pearled ribbon broach is also available for 12,000 yen.

2014-01-27 01.05.05

If one wants a more traditional leather belt, Red’s belt, with a distinctive “01” on the buckle, is available for 9,500 yen. To complete Red’s look, his draw string hoodie, as seen above, is also available for 4,300 yen.

Much like Kamen Rider W’s “Windscale” brand, ToQger also seems to have its own in-show clothing designer, “Junk Motive”. Their lettering and logos can be seen on Red’s hoodie and letterman jacket, as well as Green’s belt and the “JM” on Blue’s ring.

2014-01-27 01.02.54

To complete Blue’s traditional and sharp look, his square bottom knit ties are 3,900 yen each, his shirt is 4,600 yen, reversible vest for 9,500 yen, and a slicker leather belt with a silver “2” buckle, for 9,500 yen.

2014-01-26 23.42.08

The most playful and unique pieces from ToQger’s clothing line is the Rainbow Line Train conductor suit priced at 75,000 yen. Fans can complete the conductor look with the official hat priced at 11,000 yen and ties, in both solid and striped, for 4,000 yen.

2014-01-26 23.58.15

However, for more casual buyers, ToQger official line of t-shirts and onesies wholesale are available for 3,000 yen.

Pre-orders will begin 3rd February from Bandai Fashion. Prices are excluding tax.

Source: ToQger pamphlet

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1 Comment

  1. ajc1970

    December 5, 2014 at 3:37 am

    Will any of this be available in the US?

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