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Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Cast Revealed


Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Cast Revealed

On February 14, Toei streamed a press event introducing the main cast and characters of the 47th Super Sentai series, Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Trailer

Among the five kingdoms, there is a prophecy.
“In 2000 years, the Bugnarak will return to drive humanity to extinction.”
However, five royals and the guardian deity King-Ohger have risen to the call.

On February 14, a press event was streamed on the Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official channel introducing the cast and characters of Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger. Veteran tokusatsu voice actor Tomokazu Seki (Mobilates voice, recent iterations of AkaRanger) is the “voice of heaven” for this event, giving viewers  more insight into the upcoming Sentai team in a some Q&A. Expanding from previous information about the main characters, the upcoming team is as follows:

NOTE: Romanization of names are subject to change.

Cast and Characters

Gila / Kuwaga Ohger

A self-proclaimed king of the kingdom of Shugodam, Gila grew up in juvenile care, and he is compassionate and considerate. However, when playing hero with children, Gila usually took on the role of the villain, thus inviting misunderstanding whenever he declares he will conquer the world.

Gila will be played by Taisei Sakai.

Yanma Gust / Tonbo Ohger

Monarch of N’Konpa, the land of technology. Born in the slums, Yanma climbed his way out not through strength by through a laptop, and there are many who refer to him as “Secretary-General.” Yanma keeps his eye on the prize with his delinquent sensibilities.

Aoto Watanabe is cast for this role.

Himeno Ran / Kamikiri Ohger

Queen of Ishavarna, a country renown in the arts and in medicine, Himeno exhudes utmost beauty and transcendant selfishness. She keeps an eye on what she deems beautiful and will acquire them through any means necessary. Though she may be selfish, she will not hesitate to save those in need, and she will give splendid treatment as a doctor.

Erika Murakami is cast for the role of Himeno Ran.

Rita Kanichka / Papillon Ohger

Rita is the monarch of Gokkan, a kingdom of ice and snow, as well as a supreme court judge to uphold neutrality in the world. Phrases to describe Rita include “unaffected and sincere,” “absolutely coolheaded,” “cautious and conservative.” They are well respected for passing judgments with unmatched accuracy and impartiality. Though they may seem cold, Rita is sympathetic but is awkward in expressing such feelings.

Rita Kanichka will be played by Yuzuki Hirakawa

Kaguragi Dibowski / Hachi Ohger

Hailing from the agricultural kingdom of Tohfu, Kaguragi Dibowski is a nobleman and a con man. He will lie with a smile on his face as he double-deals or even triple-deals his victims. For the sake of maintaining “peace supremacy,” Kaguragi is a cunning nobleman who will not hesitate to get his hands dirty.

Kaguragi Dibowski will be played by So Kaku.

Laclace Hastie

Son of Coarsus Hastie and successor to the throne, Laclace Hastie is the true king of Shugodam. As ruler of the kingdom with the most power, Laclace governs the five kingdoms with unparalleled leadership, and the citizens have much faith and trust in him.

Masato Yano will play Laclace Hastie.

Supporting Cast

Laclace’s attendants (left to right)

  • Duga, played by Yutaka Morioka
  • Boshmahl, played by Jubun Fukuzawa

(left to right)

  • Shiokara, Yanma’s attendant. Played by Yuhei Chiwata.
  • Sebastian, Himeno’s attendant. Played by Hiroto Yoshimitsu
  • Morphonia, Rita’s attendant. Played by Kasumi Hasegawa

Earthly Empire Bugnarak

Deznarak the 8th

The lowest ranking ruler of the Bugnarak Empire. By finding secret treasures, Deznarak seeks to rewrite the structures of power between humans and Bugnarak.

Deznarak the 8th will be voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura.

Chancellor Kamejim

A researcher on bug-like mechanical lifeforms, Kamejim can grant Bugnaraks powers from bugs and insects so they can transform into monsters. He can even enlarge them to gigantic proportions.

Chancellor Kamejim will be voiced by Shin’ichiro Miki.


  • Director: Kazuya Kamihoriuchi
  • Screenplay: Minato Takano
  • Action Director: Jun Watanabe
  • Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda
  • Producers:
    • Takehiro Ohkawa
    • Takahito Omori
    • Taku Mochizuki
    • Yosuke Minato
    • Koichi Yada

Opening Theme

  • Title: “Zenryoku King” (translates to “Full-Power King”)
  • Artist: Takayuki Furukawa

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger is the 47th title in the Super Sentai series and the first to use a bug motif. The show will begin airing starting March 5, 2023.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Cast Announcement

Sources: TV-Asahi, Twitter

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