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Local Hero Spotlight – Yamashiron

Local Hero Spotlight

Local Hero Spotlight – Yamashiron

Team TokuNet interviews local hero Yamashiron of Yamashiro Gas Co. in this exclusive Local Hero Spotlight!

From being Yamashiro Gas Co.’s local hero and a member of the Dogengers to a recent sponsor to the Tokusatsu Network, Team TokuNet is proud to have the privilege to showcase Yamashiron for this Local Hero Spotlight. Throughout the week, readers will also be able to read interviews from other Yamashiron-related parties, so please stay tuned! Additionally, the Tokusatsu Network and Yamashiron have collaborated to hold a giveaway to thank fans for their support. A link with more details will be given after the interview.

And without further ado…

From Yamashiron to his Foreign Fans

Hello westerners, I am Yamashiron from the Hero Department of Yamashiro Gas Co., Ltd.
Itsumo osewa ni natte orimasu!!! (I am always grateful for your support!!!)

What role does Yamashiron play at Yamashiro Gas?

I perform general duties at Yamashiro Gas. That means restocking the LP gas supplies, performing gas checks at customers’ houses, and helping to find new business opportunities for the company.

My special duties include doing PR activities at events and exhibitions, and teaching children at preschools about the importance of eating right and nutrition.

LP gas burns very hot and makes food even more delicious!

What roles do Redron, Aoiron, and Daidaron play in Yamashiron and working at Yamashiro Gas?

Redron, Aoiron and Daidairon are all important employees at Yamashiro Gas.

Whenever something important happens, we hold a meeting in-house, submit various paperwork, and when it gets approved we can combine to form Yamashiron. When you think about it, we need to split into three people to handle all that paperwork as fast as possible!

Redron is a very polite person, Aoiron is a bit of a narcissist, and Daidoron loves to eat!

Would you like to know more? We have English translations of our characters!

Left to right: Aoiron, Redron, Daidairon

What roles do Midoriiron and Momoiron plan?

Midoriiron and Momoiron are mostly in charge of business at Yamashiro Gas. They support me in various ways, such as event announcements, information sharing, promotional  shoots, and social media posting.

When I go out on business, Midoriiron takes over in the office.

Momoiron is our supergirl who can do anything. She is also really good at DIY and design work. She usually handles business affairs, but in truth she holds a lot of power in the company.

Momoiron (front) and Midoriiron (behind)

When you aren’t working, what do each of the members do in their free time?

I usually do stuff that is pretty ordinary. The other day I went canoeing!

What does Yamashiron think is the greatest appeal of his home prefecture?

Our headquarters are located in Nabeshima, Saga Prefecture, Kyushu. Its is a very warm place all year round!

If you travel to Saga Prefecture, you might well see Yamashiro Gas’s trucks which are decorated with my face! I am also allowed to use a company car to go to customers’ houses and resolve any problems they are having, and two bulk trucks to transport LP gas.

Yamashiro Gas Co. Headquarters

What are Yamashiron’s goals and motivations?

Our mission at the Hero Division of Yamashiro Gas is to communicate with our customers! This does not mean simple B to C business. We want to help a wide range of people, including by listening to their problems and offering them words of advice. I believe that heroes aren’t people are there just to solve a purpose but people or a group who work wholeheartedly to respond to heartfelt needs. In other words, a hero isn’t something you call yourself, it is something others believe you to be.

What was it like being part of the Dogengers?

I was thrilled to be part of such an exciting story!

We are just employees working in Saga, not Fukuoka, so it was a big surprise when we got asked to join. Until now, we have never thought about who we should fight and what is evil, so it was a refreshing experience. There is now a third season, so I hope many people will watch it!!!

What activities would you like to do going forward?

I said it all with my goals and motivations, so here I will just share a picture of me riding an animal (lol)!

Oh, next year I will be in a film, but I want to continue to hold shows, events, and exhibitions and teach children at preschools. I want to try many things and be known by many people in various places. That is how I have done things until now, and that is how I will continue to do things.

If you could travel overseas, where would you like to go?

I’m a “Westerboo” (someone who loves Western culture), so if I could, I want to take photos at the Statue of Liberty and visit the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

A Message for Foreign Fans

Hello! I am Yamashiron!

Thank you to everyone overseas for your constant passion and support! I can’t come abroad because of COVID, but if things get back to normal, I want to take part in events overseas and meet you all there!

Right now, the Tokusatsu Network and I are holding a giveaway, so I hope I can share some of my vitality with you all!

Thank you Yamashiron for taking the time to answer our questions! As mentioned earlier, the Tokusatsu Network and Yamashiron are holding a giveaway so Yamashiron can thank fans for their support, and 10 lucky winners will receive Yamashiron-themed merchandise!


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