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Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #66: “Jackin’ Diane”


Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #66: “Jackin’ Diane”

Nicole & James scream it to the back “BLACK LIVES MATTER!”, then awkwardly transition into their normal, absurdist comedy while talking about Carranger vs Ohranger!

Nicole & James are VS the god dang world and ignorant people today on the show because they watched the Carranger vs Ohranger movie! But on top of talkin’ ’bout Carranger judgin’ people based off their appearance, they talk at length of just that, standing with Black Lives Matter, breaking ties with disrespectful family members, their opinion on the first ending of Neon Genesis, fan tweets detailing series with failed finales, Nicole’s sadness for Fruits Basket’s first demise, doing cocaine productively, James’ thoughts on the ending of How I Met Your Mother, the greatest video game trilogies, differences in dads, their tastes in music, MST3k’s debate of Mike vs Joel, seasons of TV, changing over summer break, around 55 minutes they finally start speakin’ sentai, Gunt Dolls, rethinking Dappu’s leadership, medication in quarantine, the Bowzock from today’s movie, shipping prices, eating marbles, Dappu vs Dairanger’s Kaku, dressing with eyes, making love to a car, Zonette’s love for Reds, Carranger ripping Godzilla, & more!

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