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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Sixth Member Revealed


Mashin Sentai Kiramager Sixth Member Revealed

The sixth member of the Kiramager team revealed to be portrayed by actor Kohei Shouji.

Revealed earlier this morning, the newest member of the Kiramager team has been revealed as the character Takaramichi Crystalia, KiramaSilver.

Takaramichi Crystalia’s weapon is the Shiny Breaker and he is considered thoughtless but ultimately reliable. He’s bold, cheerful, and fights based on intuition rather than brainpower. His catchphrase is adding “wonder” to words, such as “wonder cute!” or “wonder thank you!” Future developments in the show will also explain why he has the same last name as the place where the gems come from.

The actor behind the character, Kohei Shouji, posted on his Twitter profile in English his excitement in joining the cast.

He also mentioned how he watched Dekaranger when he was younger which left an impression that he still carries with him. When he was cast in Kiramager, he mentioned “it didn’t feel real” and he didn’t start to realize he was really going to be in a Sentai until the costume fitting.

Source: Oricon, Twitter

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