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Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #53: “Dad/20 Blaze It!”


Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #53: “Dad/20 Blaze It!”

Nicole & James sit down to discuss massive merchandising conglomerates while celebrating daddy’s birthday, the Tokusatsu Network, Upside Down Man, & more!

We’re shippin’ more than Dappu & Imo-Youkan chef on the episode today, we’re shippin’ actual packages because we watched episode 26 of Carranger entitled “The Nonstop Home Delivery Weapon”! But on top of talkin’ about instant delivery of space packages, we chat about our new partnership with the Tokusatsu Network, Nicole’s reservations of our live podcast recording at C2E2, hot boxin’ a net, diggin’ holes, #BirthDad, taking credit for James’ work, steamy stogies, the origin of Upside Down Man, penny for our thoughts, informing our audience of Frank every second, luffin’ it, anti-circumcision movements, Ronald Raytheon, how Twilight vampires interact with holy water, how cool James is, how to conjure Upside Down Man, shippin’ trucks, the boys of Ninja Steel, factory soda, blood ink, more banana peel talk, shaving Frank, renting fish tanks, candles, & more!

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