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Summary of SG Zero-One Riser 03


Summary of SG Zero-One Riser 03

Bandai’s candy toy blog series for Kamen Rider Zero-One updates with SO-DO Kamen Rider Zero-One: AI 01, and full images of SO-DO Kamen Rider OOO

The man currently in charge of candy toy development goes by Mr. G. He will be heading SG Zero-One Riser, a blog segment covering everything relevant to Kamen Rider Zero-One in the candy toy department of Bandai. Apart from being a word relevant to the show, the word “Riser” was chosen because Mr. G wishes for your excitement to rise whenever the blog updates.

This SG Zero-One Riser is about: 

1! SO-DO Vulcan sample review!

2! SO-DO OOO full lineup! 

3! SG Progrise Key introduction!

Much like Zero-One, Vulcan will be seeing plenty of paint and minimal stickers. Originally, the red stripe on the chest was going to be a sticker, but the thought when dealing with prototypes was “We can’t apply such a long sticker!!” and it was decided that they paint it instead.

Likewise, you can see that the red on the forearm is a sticker, but the shoulder’s red line – which would be more difficult – is painted. It seems that paint apps follow the continued theme of making things easier. Easily applied stickers can be seen on the leg and helmet. The left arm is also entirely painted.

As for the A.I.M.S. Shotriser on the belt, it was convenient for them to mold it in blue, so it was painted black and given a sticker.

Finally, there’s a nice comparison showing how the figure looks with and without stickers.

If that weren’t enough, the instructions are also shown for Vulcan, highlighting how there are only 4 stickers for the body and 11 for the armor. In total, he has less stickers than Zero-One, so it’s a new record.

Also included is the Shotriser as a holdable weapon. For sake of accuracy, a buckle piece is included to replace the Shotriser. This can all be stored on the display stand strut.

Photos of Vulcan in action, which shows off the improved articulation previously revealed, and the use of display stands for dioramas. Mr. G wonders if maybe these two will be fighting each other one day, but wants to see these Riders work together as allies.

As an additional bit of fun, Mr. G shows off the limb swapping gimmick! While there is an official depiction of Zero-One in a Shooting Wolf form, SO-DO has its own kind of play pattern due to the limb swapping gimmick it introduced. This allows Zero-One to wear Vulcan’s limbs, and vice-versa. The more you collect, the more fun you can have, though this limb structure is exclusive to certain designs.

And finally, a small addendum to last week’s post. There’s a hole on the display stand pedestal that can be used to store the arms. So basically, all of Vulcan’s armor can be put on display, if you can call this a display.

With that, four items in AI 01 have been revealed.

And so, the blog moves onto SO-DO Kamen Rider OOO: COMBO CHANGE 1 with Mr. D!

Before starting, Mr. D clarifies something about the Combo Change gimmick in this line. It sounds like it’s not the conventional SO-DO method of armor swapping, nor is it a three-way split like the OOO design suggests – it’s more of an upper body and lower body, which he says will be clarified later.

He also comments on the fact that OOO will have some alternate display parts. After the positive fan response to SO-DO Den-O, which had alternate hands specific to each form and Climax Form’s finishers, Mr. D let the manufacturer know.

First, a recap of the features shown with OOO’s default TaToBa Combo. There are alternate Tora claws, as well as alternate Batta legs. A display stand is used to prop it up.

Next up, GataKiriBa Combo! It’s here that Mr. D lets us know that the front face of these are made of painted soft plastic, presumably because of sharp parts.

For GataKiriBa, the Kamakiri blades on the forearms are removable, and a separate pair of holdable blades are included.

A goofy edit is provided, replicating GataKiriBa’s cloning power. Mr. D remarks that he’d like to display a bunch of them together once they’re ready to do a sample review, and that fans who plan to collect more than one should look forward to his recreation of “that scene” when that review happens.

Next up, LaToraTah Combo! Since they burned through the option parts when talking about TaToBa, the main talking point for this one is that the legs are almost entirely painted.

Last in the lineup, SaGoZo Combo! The Gorilla gauntlets can be removed for replicating their launch gimmick, with display stand pegholes included.

Last of note on the parts included… Ankh! The blog makes a point of saying that this arm is made of soft plastic, and apparently separated into 3 parts due to the molding process and the amount of detail on it. Despite the difficulties of making it work, their manufacturer Megahouse was also to produce it.

Other things of note are that each upper body comes with a hand that’s holding the O Scanner, and the OOO Driver has an optional sticker for the specific combos in case you’d like to have accurate medals, or you could leave it blank for the sake of the Combo Change gimmick.

Finally, the big question… how is this wave going to be separated? The answer:

1. Taka Head + Option Parts Set

2. Kuwagata Head + Kamakiri Arm Set

3. Batta Leg Set

4. Lion Head + Tora Arm Set

5. Cheetah Leg Set

6. Sai Head + Gorilla Arm Set

7. Zou Leg Set

Mr. D then provides the breakdown of which to collect for which combo, but I think it should be apparent. The key thing is that you need 1, 3 and 4 to make TaToBa Combo.

More importantly, he also says that the assortment will have two of each of the items needed to form TaToBa Combo, so those who buy a box of 10 will be able to assemble all of the forms included in the wave while having a separate TaToBa figure. He also makes a point of mentioning that this line adopts the new display stand introduced in SO-DO Zero-One.

The other important question is also answered! In 2020, we will be seeing a second wave that features the rest of the forms that appeared the show: TaJaDor Combo, ShaUTa Combo, and PuToTyra Combo. No further information as of yet.

Circling back to Zero-One briefly, Mr. G shows off images of SG Progrise Key 01. These are candy toy releases for the DX Progrise Keys, which are the standard affair for items with electronics – they don’t feature LEDs, and they cycle through sound effects.

The sound effect lineup is as follows, using Rising Hopper Progrise Key as an example:

  • “Jump!”
  • “Grasshopper’s ability.”
  • “Zero-One Driver!”
  • “(Pause) Jump up and rise, Rising Hopper! A jump to the sky turns to a Rider Kick.”
  • “Shotriser!”
  • “(Pause) Rising Hopper! A jump to the sky turns to a Rider Kick.”
  • “MetsubouJinrai .net!”
  • “(Pause) Rising Hopper! A jump to the sky turns to a Rider Kick.”

Essentially, the Progrise Keys have sounds to indicate which belt you should insert it into, and the transformation that follows is made to go with that belt. This is the first official acknowledgement that there will be a third Rider belt.

To end the post, Mr. G lets us know the next update will be September 22nd. It will feature another reveal for SO-DO Zero-One: AI 01, as well as a prototype for a “certain character” that has not yet been shown.

Source: Bandai Candy Staff Blog

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