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Power Morphicon 2018 Announces March Guests


Power Morphicon 2018 Announces March Guests

Power Rangers-themed convention Power Morphicon reveals its next round of guests.

On March 20th, 2018, the next round of guests was announced for Power Morphicon 2018, adding to the already bustling roster of guests.

The newly announced guests include:

  • Royce Herron: Ms. Appleby in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers Turbo.
  • Alan Palmer: Corcus / Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo.
  • Catherine Sutherland: Kat / Pink Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, and Power Rangers Turbo.
  • Nakia Burrise: Tanya / Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo.
  • Hilary Shepard: Divatox in Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space. She will only be appearing on Saturday.
  • Justin Nimmo: Zhane / Silver Ranger in Power Rangers in Space.
  • Rhett Fisher: Ryan / Titanium Ranger in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.
  • Vernon Wells: Ransik in Power Rangers Time Force.
  • Phillip Jeanmarie: Max / Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • Jack Guzman: Danny / Black Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • Alyson Kiperman Sullivan: Taylor / Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • Tsuyoshi Nonaka: Head designer of PLEX for Bandai Japan and USA. Credits include toy designs for MMPR, all the Legacy toys including the Zeo Gold Ranger Staff, Legacy Zeonizer, Power Rangers Samurai Mega Mode, and all the toys from the 90s.
  • Tone Rodriguez: Concept designer on Power Rangers Time Force, worked with Ransik’s design.
  • Scott Shaw: Prolific comic artist, possibly best known as the first artist for Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog series. Shaw will be providing a convention print that he will sign personally.

Power Morphicon 2018 is set to run from August 17th to August 19th, 2018, at the Anaheim Convention Center at Anaheim, CA.


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