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Gen Urobuchi to Write Upcoming Godzilla Anime Film


Gen Urobuchi to Write Upcoming Godzilla Anime Film


Writer, Gen Urobuchi, best known for Kamen Rider Gaim, Madoka Magica, and the currently airing, Thunderbolt Fantasy, announced he will be the main writer for an upcoming Godzilla animated film.

Urobuchi previously teased the project stating the project had been under development in secret for 16 months and he had been fidgety about the upcoming announcement, he could barely force himself to work.

The following day, as the non-disclosure agreement ended, Urobuchi tweeted a link to the film’s main site housing the above teaser image.

The film is set for a Japanese theatrical release in 2017 and produced by Polygon Pictures, the studio behind Knights of Sidonia and directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita.

Shizuno, who previously directed Knights of Sidonia and the recent Detective Conan movies, writes:

We aim to deliver an animation of a grand scale to people who love Godzilla, and even people who aren’t familiar with him. Stay tuned, please!

Seshita, who worked on Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts, and directed Ajin and co-directed Knights of Sidonia adds:

Together with Gen Urobuchi and Shizuno Kobun, two very talent-rich creators with a nearly superhuman global sense, we aim to create a magificent view of the world and the human drama.

Lastly, Urobuchi states on the film’s official site:

I think working on a Godzilla title is the highest honor for a creator born in Japan. We’re going to do our absolute best to meet people’s expectations, and we’d like to thank the large number of people who have supported us.

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