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Legend Rider Ghost Eyecon Set Sparkling Metallic Ver. Announced


Legend Rider Ghost Eyecon Set Sparkling Metallic Ver. Announced


Premium Bandai announced a sparkling new edition of their Legend Rider Ghost Eyecon Set from Kamen Rider Ghost.

Released back in March, 2016, the Legend Rider Ghost Eyecon set was a set of 10 Legend Rider Ghost Eyecons spanning Kamen Rider Kuuga through Kamen Rider Decade. They were done in the regular flat sticker style of most Candy Toy and Gashapon Ghost Eyecons, thus matching the normally released Double, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, and Drive Ghost Eyecons. Also included were display stands with name plates for the ten Legend Rider Ghost Eyecons, as well as the six Ghost Eyecons released at retail to create a display of all 16 Heisei Rider Ghost Eyecons.

Of course, as most fans know, the Gashapon Ghost Eyecon series contained rare versions of each Ghost Eyecon that feature sparkly metallic plastic. This included the six Heisei Rider Ghost Eyecons as well as nearly every Ghost Eyecon from the series. This rare style captured the eye of many fans and collectors. With six of 16 Riders being metallic, the collection just wasn’t complete. Until now.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.33.26 AM

Bandai has announced a new release of the Legend Rider Ghost Eyecon Set, dubbed the “Kirakira Mekki Ver.”, or “Sparkling Metallic Ver.” Like before, it features the first ten Heisei Rider Ghost Eyecons, but this time done in the same metallic style of the rare Gashapon Ghost Eyecons. As an added bonus, the set contains a whopping 45 display stands with name plates, now done in a metallic letter finish. When completed, fans will have a display stand for every metallic Ghost Eyecon possible.

The set will release in September, 2016 for ¥9,999 before fees and shipping. Preorders have already begun on Premium Bandai. The Legend Rider Ghost Eyecon Set Sparkling Metallic Ver. is limited to 6,000 units total. Preorders will close when the maximum number of units has sold.

Source and Image Source: Premium Bandai

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