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TokuSpirits Charity Event Recap


TokuSpirits Charity Event Recap


Back in March, TokuSpirits, a Philippines-based tokusatsu charity event was held in Pampanga. Spearheaded by Georgette Inaba, wife of Maskman’s, Kazunori Inaba, special guests included Bioman’s Michiko Makino, Fiveman’s Kei Shindachiya, and Kenta Sato from Turboranger. 

The Tokusatsu Network reached out to Georgette Inaba and reflected on the event and what she hopes for the future.

How do you feel now that the event is over and was the turn out what you expected?
We are very happy and satisfied, also I am grateful for the support of the fans in the Philippines. I expected that the event would be a success but I did not expect that many fans would come even though the event is far from the capital of the Philippines.

Do you think a yearly event could be possible?
I want the event to be yearly if possible.

Any personal highlights?
The charity auction was the highlight of the event and first time in the Philippines that four actors in different series visited the Philippines.

What do you think was the best part of the convention for the attendees?
The best time from the fans I think was the meet and greet, along with the henshin poses and signings with the four actors.

Jackie Joson, the artist known namely known as emcee and a recent Tokusatsu Network artist feature, also  spoke about TokuSpirits:

Oh man, there’s a lot I’d love to share, but I’ll try to make it short. Let’s see…
The guests appearances are definitely a highlight to the event. Everyone cheered when they showed up on stage. And then they all sang the OP and ED songs of their respective shows too! We all sang together! It was really great!!

This event was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to meet my childhood heroes! So just visiting the event itself is already a positive experience for me.

So if they ever plan for another TokuSpirits event in the future, I sort of like to see other toku actors from shows that were popular in the Philippines back then. But! I’d rather let the organizers of the event surprise me.


Bioman’s Kei Shindachiya (Five Blue) and Michiko Makino (Pink Five)  also commented on their time at the event and with fans:

This was very valuable time.
We were able to meet children fighting cancer and my wish to help in any way possible got stronger.
Also, I was able to see the hardships many people go through that do not reach our eyes or ears in Japan, it was very educational.
I think it was I and not them the one who received much needed positive energy from all the children and their smiles.
I have the feeling that I received a lot of love, kindness and consideration.
It made me think of what could be done and if it could be accomplished.
Thinking about the opportunities like this that having played a hero has provided, I feel renewed energy to continue.
I am very grateful to all those who attended and helped us in this cause.
I also want to thank everyone involved.

Thank you!

Kei Shindachiya
(Ken Hoshikawa / Five Blue)

The event was for charity this time.
We auctioned things like autographed items and donated all the earnings to children fighting cancer.
I find the stance and the idea of the Kazu’s (Red Mask) and his wife, to be great.
This event was done in a country with a very different economic level to Japan.
It was made possible because everything but the expenses necessary for the event were donated.
Give back instead of making profits. A not that big amount of 120,000 yen is half of the yearly average income in the Philippines…
Also, very passionate people and fans that let us use their facilities in exchange of an autograph. We were able to return without in the black.
If this turned out to be a bigger event in which companies or important people were involved, then it could have changed,
however, Ann was very adamant on not letting that happen and I think it is admirable. That comes from the love that Kaizu and Ann have together and also the love for Super Sentai.
Not an event organized by a company but something that we did ourselves. We started from zero, but thanks to people like Yamanaka from the
charity organization Daredemo Hero, we were able to meet people of other organizations working for this cause and gave us ideas for new projects.
My Sentai aired 30 years ago. The people in the Philippines watched it over and over so many times.
Seeing how happy everyone was and realizing that we can create money with the character I played and donate it, I think their battle was rewarded.
And more than the reward, it opened possibilities to do more. I was reminded of what an amazing thing is to have played a character like we did.
It is important to continue our work and hope for a yearly event!

Michiko Makino
(Hikaru Katsuragi / Pink Five)

Image Sources: TokuSpirits Official Facebook page

Translator and interpreter among other things. A not so engaged yet passionate tokusatsu fan.

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