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Takeru Tenkūji Collection on Premium Bandai


Takeru Tenkūji Collection on Premium Bandai


The long wait for Kamen Rider Ghost fashion items is over with the addition of the Takeru Tenkūji Collection on Premium Bandai Fashion Net.

With Kamen Rider Ghost‘s upcoming premiere on October 4th, Premium Bandai Fashion Net has released the wardrobe of main character, Takeru Tenkūji, for pre-order. Traditional Japanese clothing blends seamlessly with modern-day street fashion to create a style that is uniquely Takeru’s own. The pattern-mixing and color blocking matched with subtle textures creates an eye-catching look for the lead role. All items in the collection begin their pre-orders on September 25, 2015, 1PM JST and will ship in December 2015.

The first item within the large collection is the kimono-style jacket which currently comes in four variations: Pink/Navy, Navy/Silver, Gold/Navy, and Red/Navy. While the Pink x Navy colorway comes with a floral pattern, the other three jackets sport geometric patterns. Each jacket rings in at ¥12,960 (108USD.)

A belt closure is recommended for the kimono-style jacket, luckily three of Takeru’s belts are currently available. The woven belts are available in Pink, Orange/Stripes/Orange, and inverted variation Stripes/Orange/Stripes. Woven belts are one size only and are ¥4,968 (41USD) each.

Beneath the kimono-style jacket is a zippered sleeveless parka. Each parka comes with a solid colored torso and a contrasting patterned hood and asymmetrical trim. Four pattern/color combinations of the zippered vest are currently available: Geometric/Pink, Check/Beige, Diamond/Red, Camouflage/Blue. These parkas come with a price of  ¥8,640 (72USD) each. With some jacket stock photos revealing parkas in unlisted colorways and patterns, we can expect a slow trickle of extra parkas at a later date.

To round off Takeru’s current wardrobe, his jeans and jewelry are also available to pre-order. Takeru’s pants are made from a glittery denim with pleather accents. The jeans cost ¥11,880 (99USD.)

His sterling silver necklace carries meaning within its beads and symbols. The silver Hematite beads symbolize victory while the jet-black Onyx beads are revered as powerful stones. The sterling silver pendant comprised of nine conjoined orbs is engraved to mimic the soul. The Hematite, Onyx, and sterling silver necklace comes at a price of ¥16,200 (135USD.)

The sterling silver bracelet is comprised of beads engraved with the Sanskrit characters for the zodiac. Each bracelet is created by a Japanese craftsman using the ages-old technique of macrame. The bracelet is completed with Onyx beads used to tighten and loosen the bracelet. Each handmade bracelet costs ¥17,280 (145USD.)

In addition to the Takeru Tenkūji Collection, Premium Bandai also has a few narikiri style Kamen Rider Ghost t-shirts and jackets as well as made-to-order haraKIRI jewelry pieces. TokuKei will be covering details on costume items not released by Premium Bandai at a later date.

Source: Premium Bandai Fashion Net

Double major in graphic design and fashion, with a minor in toku.

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