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Legend Hero 90’s Holds First Performance


Legend Hero 90’s Holds First Performance


Actors from 1990’s Super Sentai shows, Ohranger, Dairanger, and Fiveman, recently came together to form the band named, Legend Hero 90’s.

On August 23rd, new group Legend Hero 90’s held their debut concert at Takao no Yu Furoppi, a bathouse in Hachioji, Tokyo.

The main group is made up of Super Sentai actors from the 90’s,  Masaru Shishido (OhRed), Kei Shindachiya (Five Blue), Keiichi Wada (RyuuRanger), and Keisuke Tsuchiya (KirinRanger). They joined by Toshihide Wakamatsu (Black Condor) and Atsushi Harada (Go Green / Kamen Rider Delta) for their first perfomance.


In addition to being in the new group, Shishido runs a tokusatsu themed bar.

Source: Legend Hero 90’s Facebook

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