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Figure-Oh 205 Shows Off the Newest Tamashii Nations Releases


Figure-Oh 205 Shows Off the Newest Tamashii Nations Releases

Figure-oh 205a

As always, Figure-Oh has landed in stores all over Japan, and with it comes the latest from Tamashii Nations and what’s set to release later year.

First up is sure to please the Kamen Rider crowd. As teased by Tamashii Nations earlier this week, Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild and Type Technic are next to hit Drive‘s fantastic S.H.Figuarts line. Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild, much like his Tire Koukan Series counterpart, comes with the Rumble Dump Tire as well as the Handle-Ken. Type Wild is set to release via standard retail in July 2015 for ¥5,184. Type Technic, also like his Tire Koukan Series counterpart, includes the Fire Braver Tire and Door-Juu. Unfortunately, Type Technic is a Tamashii Web Exclusive set to release in August 2015 for ¥5,184 before middleman fees.

To go along with April’s upcoming release of the S.H.Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form is his trusty bike, the Trychaser 2000. The Trychaser will launch in July 2015 for ¥4,860. The Kamen Rider Den-O line continues onward with the release of Kamen Rider Zeronos Vega Form! Armed with the trusty Zerogasher, this Rider will release via Tamashii Web in July 2015 for ¥5,940. Finally, the Gaim line continues with Kamen Rider Malika! The next Genesis Rider will be released in July 2015 exclusively via Tamashii Web for ¥5,184.


The Ultra-Act front has been quiet, but Zoffy returns in an all-new Tamashii Web Exclusive set. The Zoffy -Ultraman Mebius Special SET- includes not only the Ultra-Act release of Zoffy, but a number of accessories to reenact the character’s moments from Ultraman Mebius. This set will be release in July 2015 for ¥5,940.

Finally we have the Hakaider Squad, as seen in Kikaider-01! Gil Hakaider created three new Hakaiders to serve under him. These soldiers included the Red Hakaider, Blue Hakaider, and Silver Hakaider. All three of these Hakaider warriors will be released in a special three pack via Toei Hero Net. The set will release in August 2015 for ¥16,200 before middleman fees.


Our last Tamashii Nations reveal comes in the form of three releases that have been teased for quite some time now. To go along with the confirmed release of Iron Man Mark 43 this coming April, the other three iconic Avengers, Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk, will be getting S.H.Figuarts as well! All of these figures will be released in their newest designs to match their appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Unfortunately, these three heroes have no set price or release date just yet. However, as you can see, the prototypes are coming along nicely.

What recently revealed Tamashii Nations products are you most looking forward to picking up? Sound off in our forums!

Source: Tag Hobby, Figure-Oh Issue 205

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